Various Self-Tapes

Sometimes I taped it more than once! Can you believe it?!?!

Daytime Divas (VH1)

Role: Gary 

Brown Girls (FreeForm)

Role: Shaan 

Phys Ed (ABC Fam Pilot)

Role: Matt Nealy 

The Fast and the Furious 7

Role: Safar

Star Wars VII

Role: Finn

The Fast and the Furious 7 Take 2

Role: Safar

Mysteries of Laura (NBC)

Role: Max Patel

Untitled Strauss-Schulson Fogel Pilot

Role: Franchi

The Night Of (formerly Criminal Justice (HBO)

Role: Naz


Role: Daoud


Role: Justin Weaver

The Incredible Life of Darrell (Self Tape for Acting Class)

Role: Darrell

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